Fly-fishing for the disabled… and…

I had a great meeting with Tim James and Tom Hill who are both professional fly-fishing coaches (or instructors, as Tom prefers to be called!) last week and we’ve been in phone contact nearly every day since then, too! We are teaming up with them – Tim is actually registered disabled himself – to offer members of Reels on Wheels a chance to learn the basic art of casting a fly and catching carp on the fly at a very special rate during the winter months, when both of them have more free time.

The scheme they’re offering is a 2-day course in Devon, initially, with the emphasis on learning to cast – from a wheelchair or standing – over grass, on Day 1; then we go to a fishery teeming with silver fish, carp, etc. to put the techniques learned into practice (after a full english breakfast included in the package).

If this is of interest to you, please contact us via email: or check out all the details on the ROW Forum post, where you can PM or post your interest. As soon as we have 6 people interested, we’ll run the first course! It’s open to carers aswell as members of Reels on Wheels – the Wife’s definitely looking at doing this with me!😉

In other news, we have a petition against the removal of coarse fish for eating available to download HERE, so that we can try to get the Law changed. I know a lot of anglers nationwide feel very strongly about this, so please download the Form, print off a few copies and take them along to your local Club, Fishery, Tackle shops, etc. The more signatures we get, the stronger our presentation to Downing Street will be. Let’s effect a change ourselves, before this ticking time-bomb explodes in our faces and damages the reputation of our great sport.

Once a number of forms have been filled, please go to the Reels on Wheels Forum where you’ll find my address. Post them to me and I’ll add them to the pile. Thanks for your support.


4 Responses

  1. Just found the form – what’s still going on with this? I’m all about preventing the removal of coarse fish for eating.

  2. No idea Robert… we’d like to know too?

  3. if too many fish are removed from our waters there will be nothing left to catch for the sporting angler.
    I prefer catch and release let the fish grow bigger and breed to give other anglers the joy of catching.

  4. We have a patent pending on a one-hand opening fly box which you may have an interest. It is available through ORVIS and if you desire to contact Orvis direct, you may email Brillon, Shawn
    E-mail Address:

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